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You can customize the look and feel of the Voice of Customer.

Voice of Customer is a widget for your website - you can customize and install it in no time. It allows you to gather user feedback in real-time.

Without listening to your users, all you can do is merely guess their needs or obstacles. This prevents them from becoming your customers. Wrong guesses can cost you real money. Feedback Form allows your users to express their opinions and give you direct feedback.

Thanks to that knowledge, you'll be able to improve visitors' satisfaction and your site’s conversion.


  • easy to use drag and drop editor,
  • email notifications,
  • detailed information about each respondent (browser, operating system, language, etc.).

You can use it to:

  • ask users what they think about your website,
  • be your website's contact form,
  • conduct simple surveys.

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How do I use it?

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