Tracking scripts (installation)

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What is the tracking code (script)?

In UsabilityTools a tracking code is a small JavaScript script. In order to work, Conversion Suite tools need this script to be pasted into the code of your website.

How and where should I install the tracking code?

We recommend pasting the script at the end of the HTML head section of your website - just before </head> tag. Make sure though that only one instance of the script is loaded to the website at a given time. If, in any case, the script is loaded more than once, despite our best efforts both of the scripts might be feeding data - this may cause data inconsistency.

Can I install the script using Google Tag Manager?

Yes, you can. Here you will find relevant article.

How to check if the script is working?

For Click Tracking: click the button 'Check if script is working' button on collect screen.

For Form Tester, Visitor Recording, Feedback Form: check if the script is present before the </head> tag in the source code of your website.

Will the tracking code slow down my website or interrupt other scripts?

No. Tracking scripts from UsabilityTools load independently of any other scripts (they are making use of JavaScript "defer" and "async" attribute). The website itself will load just as fast as it would without the tracking script - even if our servers turn out to be slower than yours, the tracking script will never slow you down.

What if UsabilityTools' server will have an internal error - will it cause any problems on my website?

No. This is not possible. Your website is always safe.

Can I test my website by several UsabilityTools tools at the same time?

Yes. That is not a problem at all. You can even use all the tools at the same time to test your website.

Will the UsabilityTools tracking code interfere with other JavaScript code?

We make every effort not allow such a situation to happen.

Can software like Adblock block UsabilityTools tracking scripts?

In some cases, yes. All scripts (including Feedback Form script) can be blocked by some security or adblocking browser plugins (if the user configures the plugin to do so).

What type of website architecture do you support?

In general we support all architectures.

Our scripts might show unexpected behavior when integrated into applications with huge auto-generated DOM structure (tens of thousands of nodes).