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You can hire the respondents to your research through UsabilityTools. You can do it by choosing CINT service at the Collect step in your project.

What is CINT

CINT is partner

CINT is a trusted UsabilityTools partner, a company specialized in recruiting targeted participants for market research.

You can hire participants from CINT for your Survey, Card Sorting, Web Testing and Click Testing projects online, directly through UsabilityTools interface.

CINT is a participant recruitment service

CINT is a global leader in providing tools to gather market insight - it offers an access to over 10 million individuals from over 50 countries around the world.

The company holds world's highest standards - it has recently achieved the global ISO 20252 standard for the quality and legitimacy of its management systems.

As an online, automated and fully integrated with UsabilityTools service it offers easy and cost-efficient way to gather accurately targeted audience for your projects.

CINT is a separately paid service

CINT is an external company and you'll have to pay separately for their services. It means that you will not be able to pay for their services using credits from UsabilityTools account.

Creating a project with respondents recruited by CINT

Step 1: Create your project (Survey, Web Testing or Card Sorting)

Make sure you've created all the questions in the correct form and order. You will not be able to change the design of the projects later on.

Step 2: Determine the group of respondents

In the collect step, click on "Get Respondents" button under "I want to use paid recruitment service" tab. On the CINT window, you can select the parameters for the target respondents with whom the projects should be conducted. You can see the summary of your order in the right part of the CINT window as well.

Step 3: Confirm and pay with PayPal

Click "Order summary" to see all the selected parameters as well as the total price of the service. Confirm by clicking "Place order". You will be redirected to PayPal payment process. You will be able to choose to log into your account and pay from the balance or to use your credit card. Read more about the payment

Step 4: Check the status of your order

After the successful payment, you will be redirected back to UsabilityTools to your project page, where you'll see the confirmation summary of your order. Once the CINT reviewer approves your project design, it will be started and the participants will start filling out your study. In case of project rejection, we will contact you with the details of the rejection by e-mail. You will see how many respondents took part in your project on the progress bar.

Things to be aware of

Start/stop project

Your project will be started right after your payment acceptance and stopped automatically after the last respondent.

You have to remember that after the payment you will not be able to change, stop or delete the project.

Project review

After your project starts and before the respondents start coming, the project itself will be checked for regulations compliance by a CINT reviewer. It is a part of the procedure and it is necessary to avoid mistakes and verify that the project complies with appropriate laws and regulations.

Payment via PayPal

Remember that getting respondents from CINT is a separate service. You cannot pay for it with UsabilityTools Credits.


Remember that getting respondents from CINT is a separate service.

You pay for it via PayPal. You cannot pay for it with UsabilityTools Credits.

The price of CINT recruitment service depends on 3 factors:

  • number of the respondents needed,
  • respondents targeting options (demographics, geographic location, etc.),
  • size of the project (e.g. the number and types of questions in the survey)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I conduct my research in more than one country?

Every User Experience Suite project is country specific. It is suggested to create a separate project for each country.

What is "Delivery time"?

Delivery time is based upon your target group search criteria and the number of currently available respondents. Delivery time is how long you will have to wait until the respondents submit their answers.

What are "Available respondents"?

It is the number of respondents eligible and available to complete your survey from the target group selected by you in the given time-frame. The number of requested responses cannot be higher than the amount of available respondents.

What do you mean by "Qualified respondents"?

This is an additional field not relevant to UsabilityTools projects. It should be left with default value of 100%.

Can I purchase respondents if I don't have PayPal account?

Yes, you can choose to use your credit card during the process.

What does the status 'Please wait, your project is being checked' mean?

It means, that your project is being verified at the moment by a CINT Reviewer. It may take a few days.

Why does my project has to be reviewed?

It is necessary before publishing the project. It cannot contain abusive content. It has to be ethical, lawful and consistent with ESOMAR regulations

Why was my project rejected?

Your project was rejected, because the Cint reviewer found it inappropriate for some reason.

What can I do if my project rejected?

In a very rare situation of rejecting the project we will contact you directly. We handle each case individually. You will be refunded by PayPal.

When the CINT service is finished?

Usually in 7-14 days. It depends on target audience (delivery time) and accessibility of the CINT reviewer.

Who is a reviewer?

It is a CINT Specialist responsible for checking and approving projects.

How do I pay for CINT recruitment service?

You pay for CINT recruitment service with PayPal. You cannot pay for projects using CINT service with UsabilityTools Credits.

Does the CINT recruitment price include users' completion?

Yes, the price includes both recruitment and user completions. You pay for the project once with PayPal. You cannot split the payment into recruitment and completions and pay for them separately.